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Sedation Dentistry

There are many reasons a patient may consider sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is not only for patients who have dental anxiety; it is beneficial in a number of situations:

  • Individuals who have a fear of needles
  • Patients who need long, complex dental treatments that will require extended time in the dentist’s chair
  • Patients with strong gag reflexes
  • Those with difficulties becoming thoroughly numbed with local anesthetics
  • Patients with sensitive teeth

Sedation Dentistry helps Women in Dental Surgery

Sedation can help patients of all ages. There are three common types of sedation methods used at Dr. Hatcher’s practice, including nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation.

Inhalation Sedation

One of the most popular methods of sedation for patients of all ages is inhalation sedation. This is when a dentist uses nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to ease a patient into a more relaxed state of mind. This is administered through the nose, and the patient will breathe in the nitrous oxide to feel relaxed and calm, almost instantly.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Dr. Hatcher can prescribe an oral sedative to be taken before the appointment to provide deep relaxation before, during, and after the dental appointment. Patients will be completely conscious during their treatment and able to answer questions, listen to instructions, and endure even longer dental treatments.

IV Sedation

Longer procedures that are more complex may require patients to undergo IV sedation. Extremely anxious patients can obtain sedation that allows them to undergo longer procedures. IV sedation is administered through the blood and it can help anxiety and fatigue.

Dr. Hatcher can use these sedation methods to help patients overcome their fears of visiting the dentist and to get the dental care they need and desire. Patients are encouraged to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Hatcher and his staff to learn more about the methods of sedation dentistry that are available at his practice. He will help determine which method is best for each individual who comes to his office looking for comfortable, relaxing dental treatments.

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