Restorative dentistry for a healthier smile in Greensboro, NC

No matter how well you take care of your teeth, there may be times in life when you need restorative dental care, such as a filling, crown, or a tooth replacement option such as a dental implant. From traumatic injuries to infections and decay, a number of issues can lead to the necessity for restorative dentistry. When tooth pain strikes or cosmetic issues such as cracks and chips occur, patients in the Greensboro, NC area can trust Dr. Steven Hatcher to relieve their pain and restore their smiles back to health.

What is restorative dentistry?

“Restorative dentistry” is the area of dentistry that is devoted to the integrated care and management of oral health issues and repairing or replacing broken or damaged teeth. The end goal of restorative dentistry is not just to make your tooth look normal again—though it certainly does that!—but also to help bring your mouth back to a healthy, functional state so that you can speak, chew, and smile with ease. The term “prosthodontic dentistry” is sometimes used interchangeably with “restorative dentistry.”

Types of dental issues that may require restorative dental care

When most patients think of a dentist fixing a tooth, the first thing that comes to mind is getting a filling in a tooth with a cavity. But thanks to advances in dental technologies and materials, that is just one of many restorative dentistry options available to patients to help save their teeth or to replace a missing tooth with a natural-looking, functional alternative. Restorative dental care is used when issues occur that cause a portion or all of a tooth to become damaged, such as:

  • A broken or chipped tooth
  • Tooth decay
  • Loss of a tooth due to injury
  • Tooth infection or abscesses
  • Tooth infection or abscesses
  • Damage to the pulp of a tooth
  • A tooth needs to be extracted

Get Back Your Smile With Restorative Dentistry Greensboro NC

Get Back Your Smile With Restorative Dentistry Greensboro NC
Get your smile back with experienced restorative dentistry procedures as shown in this video by Dr. Steven Hatcher of Triad Dentistry in Greensboro, NC
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Restorative dental treatment options

Depending on the nature and extent of the damage to your tooth, one or more treatment options may be a good fit for your needs. Dr. Steven Hatcher will recommend the most minimally invasive options possible to help restore your dental health and maintain a natural-looking, beautiful smile. These may include either direct tooth restorations, which involves preparing your tooth and placing materials into it or on it to restore its health and function or indirect restorations, which are customized tooth replacement options. Common dental restorations we provide at the practice of Dr. Steven Hatcher are described in more detail below.

Best Tooth-colored fillings results in Greensboro, NC When a tooth has a small area of decay (a cavity), placing a tooth-colored filling is a simple and effective procedure for eliminating the decay and restoring the tooth to its full function. First, Dr. Hatcher will numb the treatment area so you are comfortable throughout the procedure and will then use dental tools to remove the area of decay and clean the tooth. Then, a strong composite resin material is used to fill the space in the tooth that was created for a natural-looking, functional tooth. No one will ever know the tooth has been filled!
Best Tooth-colored fillings results in Greensboro, NC Dental bonding is an affordable and quick procedure that can not only help restore the health of a tooth but also make it more aesthetically pleasing – all in just one visit. Bonding can be a great choice for patients who have chipped or cracked teeth, teeth that have been worn down due to grinding or a bite that is off, and even for patients who want to close a small gap between their teeth or slightly change a tooth’s shape. Dr. Hatcher uses a porcelain-based composite material that is custom designed to match your natural tooth color, so it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Anesthesia is unnecessary for the bonding procedure. Dr. Hatcher first slightly roughens the tooth with a conditioning gel and then applies the composite bonding material in strategic locations on the tooth, curing it with a UV light. Then, the bonding is custom-shaped and polished to match your other teeth.
Best Root canals results in Greensboro, NC Sometimes, the content in the inner portion of a tooth, called the pulp chamber, become compromised due to infection, injury, or decay. When this occurs, it can cause immense pain due to nerve damage in the tooth. The best way to save your natural tooth in this situation is to have a root canal performed. While root canals have a bad reputation for being painful, arduous procedures, they are actually painless with the use of modern dental anesthetics and can provide much-needed relief from the intense pain that the tooth is causing you. During a root canal, the dentist drills a small hole in the tooth to access the pulp chamber, and then removes the nerve and diseased tissues and sanitizes the area. The tooth is then filled with a rubbery material called gutta percha, and then typically sealed and protected with a custom-made crown.
Best dental Crowns results in Greensboro, NC A dental crown is a common tooth restoration option that protects a damaged tooth from future decay and allows you to use the tooth normally while you eat and speak. Typically, creating and placing dental crowns takes multiple visits spaced weeks apart and the need for “babying” a temporary crown during that time, but Dr. Hatcher’s office is equipped with the revolutionary CEREC technology, which allows you to have a crown designed, created, and placed all on the same day. Dr. Hatcher prepares your tooth for the crown and then takes digital impressions of your mouth, which are then used by a computer program to custom design the crown for a precise fit. The CEREC milling machine then fabricates the crown from a block of porcelain while you relax in the office – depending on the patient, the crown can be ready in just 10 minutes! Dr. Hatcher will then place the crown and you are free to get back to your normal routine, without the need for follow-up appointments or return visits.
Sometimes, a tooth has become too damaged to save due to gum disease, tooth decay, or other issues. In this case, an extraction is necessary. Dr. Hatcher takes several steps to keep you comfortable with this procedure and offers multiple tooth replacement options to restore your smile after the extraction.
Best dental implants results in Greensboro, NC Considered the “gold standard” in tooth replacement, dental implants offer the best and longest-lasting fit and function. In fact, an implant that is taken care of can last the rest of your lifetime and will look and function as close to a normal tooth as possible. Implant placement is a multi-step process. First, Dr. Hatcher will place an implant post surgically into your jawbone, where it will then actually fuse with the bone in a process called osseointegration. This fusion is what makes implants so stable and strong. Once osseointegration has occurred, a joining piece called an abutment is placed on the implant post, and then after your tissues have healed, a custom-designed tooth replacement, such as a porcelain crown, is attached to the abutment. While the implant process takes several months, patients find that it is well worth the wait when they are able to enjoy all the foods they love without worry!
Best dental bridges results in Greensboro, NC Another common tooth replacement option is a porcelain bridge. A bridge can be used to replace one or more adjacent teeth and consists of custom-made replacement teeth that “bridge” the gap in your mouth and crowns on each side to anchor the bridge in your mouth. Dr. Hatcher can use CEREC technology to fabricate your bridge for one-day treatment.
Best dentures results in Greensboro, NC If you are missing multiple teeth, a full or partial denture is a terrific, affordable option for replacing the teeth and restoring your ability to eat, laugh, and speak clearly. Dr. Hatcher provides customized natural-looking dentures so you can smile with confidence.
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Dr. Steven Hatcher

A graduate from the University of North Carolina, Dr. Hatcher majored in biology and completed his undergraduate studies there. At UNC, he was awarded a cancer research grant from the National Institutes of Health after which he graduated from dental school.

Dr. Hatcher is a passionate and driven professional who strives to preserve and enhance natural beauty in every dental treatment. He is keen on developing an individualist approach when it comes to treating his patients to ensure patient care is a tailor-made experience for the comfort of each client.

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Depending on the nature and extent of the damage to your tooth, one or more treatment options may be a good fit for your needs. Dr. Steven Hatcher will recommend the most minimally invasive options possible to help restore your dental health and maintain a natural-looking, beautiful smile.

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