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Oral Surgery

Dr. Steven Hatcher and his staff offer a number of services to patients from Family to cosmetic dentistry. Additionally, he also can assist patients with oral surgery. Oral surgery is a form of dentistry that encompasses everything from wisdom teeth extractions to dental implants, along with bone grafting, gum grafting, and even treatment for TMJ disorders.

Oral Surgery doing for patients near Greensboro, NC

The most common type of oral surgery is that of wisdom tooth extraction. Patients who have wisdom teeth that are impacted and causing pain will benefit from their removal, as well as patients who have had orthodontic work done to improve their smiles and do not want their wisdom teeth to misalign the teeth in their dental arch.

Dental implants are a wonderful cosmetic restoration that can be used to replace missing teeth. They require a surgical procedure in which a small metal rod is implanted into the jawbone, which functions in the same way as a natural tooth root. A dental crown is used to cover the implant and give it the appearance and functionality of a tooth, restoring both the patient’s chewing and biting efficiency as well as his or her smile.

Gum grafting and bone grafting are also types of oral surgery that are offered by Dr. Steven Hatcher. Bone grafting can be used to restructure the bone as preparation for dental implants, while gum grafting can be done to restore a smile after periodontal disease or to reshape the gum line.

Patients can speak with Dr. Hatcher about the various types of oral surgery available at his practice. When needed, he will discuss with his patients the benefits of oral surgery and notify them when they may be a candidate to undergo a particular treatment. His staff understands that patients may be uneasy about the idea of having oral surgery completed. Thanks to sedation dentistry, he is able to ease patients with oral conscious sedation or IV sedation during these procedures to ensure his patients’ comfort. Sedation is a great way to ease fears and anxieties, as well as allow patients to be comfortable and relaxed throughout their treatments, while being safe and effective.

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