Written Testimonials

So far after 9 mos. With the sleep apnea care I have experienced good. Mostly uninterrupted sleep nights. the appliance has been a positive experience because I'm getting good solid sleeps. The appliance is comfortable in my mouth and takes no more than 5 minutes to clean and store for the next use. Traveling with the appliance is super easy. The transition to this appliance has helped me get sound sleeps.
Triad Sleep Solutions(TSS) helped me understand that I might have sleep apnea and encouraged me to take the test.

I have been using the CPAP machine for six months which has eliminated all snoring and allows for a great night's sleep.
My husband came home from the dentist with a new dental appliance, and I was skeptical it'd help reduce his snoring. It proved to be worth every penny that first night, and hasn't disappointed us once. It was so effective, I scheduled an appointment for myself to help with my own snoring and sleep issues. The improvement was immediate. The staff at Triad Dentistry regularly checks in with us to ask how things are going and if we have any questions or concerns with our sleep health and the device - and not just the first week, but ongoing. They've always been so attentive and responsive, as well as patient and genuine in how they treat us. We recommend Triad Dentistry every chance we get, and have shared our wonderful experience with our Sleep Apnea care with friends and family.
I was accustomed to being a 'snorer', a 'light sleeper', and wanting a 'coffee pick me up' throughout the day. I'm forever grateful to Dr. Santiago and the Triad Dentistry staff for suggesting that it doesn't have to be that way. Today, I faithfully use my CPAP at home and when traveling and have learned what a 'Good night's sleep' is!! Thanks for improving my quality of life.
I have been using my C-PAP Machine for 3 months now and love it! I am sleeping much better and wake up refreshed. I am so thankful my dental team suggested I do the sleep study, I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea and would not have sought treatment had it not been for my dental team. Thank you!
My oral device has dramatically improved my sleep quality. My husband told me that I do not move around much anymore and that I am a much more quiet sleeper. I have so much more energy and feel like my younger self again.
I am very pleased Triad Dentistry offered me the opportunity to do a sleep test. The CPAP machine has been life changing for me. I have more energy and less headache throughout the week. The machine completely eliminates my snoring problem I've delt with since high school. The take home sleep test is cost efficient and convenient. I tested to be severe sleep apnea. I definitely recommend doing a sleep study and the CPAP.
My sleep device has improved my quality of sleep, extended my actual sleep time and leaves me better rested in the morning without headaches. It is easy to use and clean. This has been a nice, needed improvement in my overall health care routines. Where were you, dear sleep device, years ago?
The sleep appliance I have been using was easy to get use to. According to my wife my snoring is almost non-existent now. It used to be loud enough to wake her up even with ear plugs in.