We offer a wide array of treatments intended to provide you with a more beautiful smile. We have too many choices to list them all in this short format! Some of our services range from cosmetic orthodontics to professional whitening services to complete smile makeovers. That is just a tiny sample of the many services we offer. Please schedule a consultation to learn more about what we offer and what will work best for you.
Yes! Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Sona Isharani, provides gentle pediatric care with a mother’s touch. Dr. Isharani practices at our dental office that is devoted to pediatric dental care, Triad Pediatric Dentistry. The pediatric office is located on Pinedale Road, which is just one street over from our adult practice on Oakcrest Avenue. As your child ages out of pediatric dental care, they “graduate” to receiving care at our adult dental practice so they can maintain continuity of care within our same dental family.
The whitening solution that works best really depends on the individuals’ needs and preferences. In-office whitening treatments are great for those looking for instant results in a single, quick visit. Individuals with sensitive teeth may prefer to take home solutions due to the whitening gel’s strength not being quite as intense. Take-home whitening treatments produce a gentler and more gradual result.
Veneers are an excellent choice for patients looking to change the appearance of their teeth. Veneers can assist in changing the color, shape, size, spacing, etc., of teeth. Receiving veneers is a comfortable and relatively non-intensive procedure.
Our Six-Month Smile treatment system provides impressive results. In a matter of months, you will have straight teeth.
Absolutely, yes. A lost tooth does not just affect the aesthetic appearance, but it can create long-term dental health issues. Some of these issues include teeth shifting into the gap and losing jawbone due to a lack of stimulation.
A dental crown is a type of restoration that encapsulates and restores a tooth. There are many reasons one may need a dental crown, including deep fractures, severe decay, a broken tooth, or protection needed after a root canal. Dental crowns are made of porcelain for a natural-looking fit.
Traditionally, receiving a dental crown has required making multiple visits to the dentist so that teeth could be imaged; those images (or physical mold) then are sent to the lab where the crown is created. You’d receive a temporary crown and then return several weeks later to receive your permanent crown. Our office was the first in our area to implement CAD/CAM technology, making the process of getting a crown to just one visit.
Dental amalgam has not been used for fillings in this office since 1998. When a patient needs a filling, we want to provide a solution that is not only durable and long-lasting but also provides an aesthetically pleasing result. To accomplish this, we use carefully selected and color-matched cosmetic materials.
Yes, you should! Dentists who use laser technology can take advantage of a wide array of benefits as a result. That is a big reason why we use this in our office. Laser dental technology allows for improved accuracy, a reduction in bleeding during invasive procedures, and a reduction or outright elimination of stitches’. Healing time is also reduced.
We offer several solutions depending on whether you need to replace a single or multiple knocked-out teeth. A fixed bridge is a great option when you need to replace a single tooth, while dentures will be better when replacing multiple teeth. However, a dental implant holds several benefits over these choices and is considered the superior tooth replacement option among the dental community.
This could be happening because you use a toothbrush with stiff bristles or because you are brushing over aggressively. More likely, though, this is happening because you have some degree of gum disease. It will help if you look for other gum disease symptoms, including tenderness, puffiness, and red gums. You should then schedule a periodontal examination with your dentist.
Yes, our exams cover cancer screenings. Oral cancer is a seriously deadly health risk facing patients, and early detection is key to successful treatment. We utilize VELscope technology in our effort to detect tissue abnormalities before they become visible.
As you step into our office, you will receive a warm welcome at the check-in. Once your appointment time arrives, you will come to the consultation area, where you will speak to Dr. Hatcher about your cosmetic and dental health concerns, medical considerations, scheduling and budgeting concerns, and any other topics relative to your care. You will then receive a comprehensive dental examination, including a smile analysis, periodontal health assessment, and VELscope oral cancer screening.
Our office makes multiple forms of sedation options available to patients in addition to drug-free relaxation aids. Options include nitrous oxide, oral sedation, noise-canceling headphones, and more. We want your appointment to be a stress-free and pleasant experience that you are not anxious about repeating.
Our office provides several flexible payment and financing options, including CareCredit third-party financing. If you have concerns about financing your dental visit, please reach out to our office staff.
Yes, please feel free to refer friends and family to our office. We feel honored that you think highly enough of our practice to recommend us to others in your life.
To set up an appointment with our office, please drop by anytime or call us at (336) 383-1482