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Care for patients at every stage of life and for every need,
our office distinguishes itself from other dental practices

Dentist in Greensboro NC stands out with specialized expertise, sophisticated technologies

Dentist in Greensboro NC stands out with specialized expertise, sophisticated technologies

There are almost 300 general dentists to choose from in Greensboro and High Point NC. While the term “general” refers to the comprehensive services that Triad Dentistry offers to care for patients at every stage of life and for every need, our office distinguishes itself from other dental practices in and around Greensboro NC in several ways. These distinguishing characteristics add up to quality treatment, continuity of care, and many satisfied patients.


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Triad Dentistry Commercial
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Specialized training and expertise

Triad Dentistry stands out from other dentists in the region with extensive onsite capabilities and knowledge of specialized techniques, without the additional expense that you might expect from a specialist’s office.

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Sophisticated treatments and technologies

When specialized knowledge comes together with investments in the latest, proven technologies, patients have peace of mind that their oral needs will be addressed proactively, safely, efficiently, and effectively. Our patients have benefited from this high touch/high-tech approach in several ways, including:

Dental Crown Icon Dental Crowns
Without The Wait

At other dental offices, you might wait for two weeks for your crown to be made at an outside lab. By using computer-aided CEREC technology and an onsite milling machine, we can make your crown in a single visit. Triad Dentistry’s CEREC crowns are also fabricated from a high-quality block of dental porcelain. Any adjustments to the crown can be made in a matter of minutes, thanks to these onsite capabilities.

Relaxation Icon Relaxation For All
Types of Patients

Many dentists offer mild sedation or “laughing gas,” which is nitrous oxide that is inhaled through a mask. We offer mild sedative options, as well as moderate sedation to relax patients who may have more severe dental anxiety or fear. Oral conscious sedation with a medication tailored to your needs or IV sedation may be appropriate for these patients, as well as for patients who are undergoing complex or long treatments.

Alternatives to CPAP available at Triad Dentistry

Alternatives to CPAP

The good news is that there ARE alternatives to CPAP available at Triad Dentistry in Greensboro NC, and they are effective, comfortable and convenient. Believe it or not, a dentist can provide you with an alternative, oral device therapy. By moving the jaw or tongue into a position that opens the airway, these devices can help patients who just will not or cannot wear the CPAP mask. No mask. No hose. No air pressure in your throat all night.

Pediatric dental care with a mother’s touch

At Triad Dentistry, we believe every patient deserves the best dental care possible, which includes treatments and services that are tailored to their unique needs and stage of life. That’s why we have created a dedicated pediatric dental practice, Triad Pediatric Dentistry, that is conveniently located just one street away from our adult practice. Our board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Sona Isharani, provides the same high-quality care that you have come to expect from Triad Dentistry, with a mother’s gentle touch and a deep understanding of the oral health needs of growing children. We believe this model of care enables us to better serve our youngest patients in a warm and comfortable environment designed for children, while still allowing us to continue to serve them as they grow older and “graduate” to our adult practice with the dental team they have come to know and trust.

The Triad Dentistry team distinguishes favorably from other providers with:

  • Convenience appointments Early morning and evening appointments for added convenience
  • Flexible financing Flexible financing, including CareCredit
  • superior cosmetic products KöR deep tooth whitening and other superior cosmetic products and services
  • high-tech approach Gentle, precision diagnostics, such as intraoral camera and VELscope technology (for oral cancers)


We encourage you to set up an appointment with one of our knowledgeable dentists at the Greensboro NC office. Call Triad Dentistry at

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