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Wisdom Teeth

It is common for most young adults to have their wisdom teeth removed. These teeth are molars that are in the very back of a patient’s mouth. They can develop any time after the teenage years, and in many cases, they can become impacted. This can be because of the size of the patient’s mouth, which may not allow the teeth to erupt.

Wisdom Dentistry

When wisdom teeth are impacted, it is essential that they be removed to avoid swelling, pain, and any other discomfort associated with wisdom teeth that are unable to break the surface. Even when wisdom teeth do come through, they are hard to clean due to their location in the mouth and are at a higher risk for developing cavities and developing periodontal disease.

To determine if wisdom teeth need to be removed, first Dr. Hatcher will take x-rays and learn about your specific situation. In most cases, the sooner the wisdom teeth are removed, the better. They are typically removed when patients are in their late teenage years to avoid any problems happening over time. This can also help in maintaining a patient’s oral health, along with the alignment of his or her teeth, which could be affected if the teeth were to break through the gums and into the dental arch.

During the procedure, patients will be sedated, and local anesthetics will be used to eliminate any pain or discomfort during the procedure. If the tooth is impacted, Dr. Hatcher will need to get through part of the bone to reach the tooth and remove it. Once removed, the patient will leave the dental office with instructions on aftercare and healing. Healing times can vary depending on how difficult the extraction is, but a follow-up appointment will be scheduled to ensure that the patient is healing properly and is able to go about their regular activities and diet.

While the idea of having wisdom teeth extracted does not seem like a pleasant experience, Dr. Hatcher and his team will do their best to ensure a patient is comfortable with sedation and proper anesthetics during the treatment. Patients must understand that removing wisdom teeth is done for the health and wellbeing of their smiles, and is a proactive way to maintain beautiful teeth!

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