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When should I bring my child in for their first pediatric dentist appointment in Greensboro?

Pediatric Dentistry

Every parent knows that they have to bring their child to the dentist at some point, but many are uncertain about when that first visit should be scheduled. It is recommended that children visit the dentist for the first time as soon as their first baby tooth erupts or prior to their first birthday. It may seem strange to bring your child to the dentist so young, but there are many reasons for the recommendations. At Triad Dentistry, we believe that a healthy mouth starts early and we are happy to explain the importance of visiting the dentist at an … Continue reading

How a dentist in Greensboro can help with your kid’s toothache

Kids Toothache Treatment

Pain in the mouth can be a scary experience for young children. Because of their age, they may not be able to identify where the pain is coming from, leaving you feeling helpless. Toothaches are often worse in the evening, causing both you and your child to be exhausted after a restless night of sleep. If the pain is persistent and you feel like there may be damage to the tooth, you should call your child’s dentist to have them seen right away. Otherwise, you can make the appointment at your earliest convenience. Whether you are coming in immediately or … Continue reading

What you can expect during your child’s first dental visit in our Greensboro Pediatric Dental Office

Child Dental Care

When your child’s first teeth break through the gum line, it’s not only cute but it’s the first step in achieving a beautiful smile. If you are a parent in the Greensboro area and have an infant or toddler who is teething, it is important for you to schedule your child’s first dental visit with a board certified pediatric dentist such as Dr. Sona J. Isharani. Dr. Sona offers so much more as a board certified Pediatric Dentist. She treats each child as her own. Dr. Sona enjoys bringing out only the best in each child. She “meets” the child … Continue reading

Understanding infant oral health with assistance from a Greensboro area Dentist

Infant Oral Health

As your child grows older, they are set to have a beautiful smile, as long as their parents have encouraged positive oral health habits along the way. Infant oral health is a common question from parents in the Greensboro area who speak with board certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Sona J. Isharani. During the first dental appointment for a child, parents can sit down and consult with Dr. Sona to ask questions about infant oral health care and about how to avoid problems such as cavities and instill age appropriate habits as the child grows and develops. Typically, within the first … Continue reading

Greensboro Dentist makes the practice a fun place for kids

Fun Dentist Place For Kids

When it comes to visiting the dentist, many children (and adults!) do not have a positive experience with other dental practices. This is why it is so important for parents to find a Greensboro dentist who makes the practice a fun place for kids. This can improve their first and subsequent visits and ensure children are taking good care of their oral health and making regular appointments with their dental team. At Triad Dentistry, Dr. Steven L. Hatcher and his wife, Board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Sona Isharani, provide optimum care for children and ensure they have a positive experience at … Continue reading

Greensboro area patients ask, what is the best time for Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontics For Children

Patients in and around the Greensboro area may ask their dentist, what is the best time for orthodontic treatment? There is no one right answer for this, as everyone has a different dental situation. However, the American Association of Orthodontists suggests that parents bring their children in for an orthodontic examination by the age of seven. At this point, patients may not always be ready to start treatment, but it does give the dentist the chance to see if there are any indications of misalignment of the jaw or new teeth and determine if there may be a need for … Continue reading

Causes and treatment for teeth grinding (Bruxism) in NC area

Teeth Grinding Service

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is a condition that can affect patients in NC and have a dramatic negative impact on their natural teeth, as well as result in many other side effects of the body. This condition causes patients to tighten and grind their teeth—typically overnight—which can cause unwanted wear and tear on tooth enamel as well as headaches, poor sleep, and pain around the neck and jaw area. Many patients who learn about this condition want to know the suspected causes and treatment options for teeth grinding. It is believed that bruxism often stems from stress and … Continue reading

Early evaluation for braces helps children in Greensboro enjoy happy, healthy smiles

Braces For Children

Typically, we think of pediatric dentistry as the area in which children are taught how to – and why to – care for their teeth with daily brushing and flossing and healthy food choices. There is more on your dentist’s mind than this. One of the aspects of dental care that begins when a child is six or seven years of age is evaluation for braces. At this time, care for children expands to assess the development of the jaw in relation to the growth of permanent teeth. In our Greensboro dental practice, our pediatric specialist Dr. Sona Isharani understands that catching the … Continue reading

Correcting misaligned teeth in kids, your Greensboro Dentist may take advantage of that growth spurt

Misaligned Teeth Treatments For Kids

There is a specific time in life when kids tend to experience a major growth spurt. For some, more than one phase of accelerated growth will occur. Often, we see braces on the kids’ faces around the time growth spurts commonly occur. The two seem completely unrelated, but could they actually be linked? Misaligned teeth affect a lot of kids’ smiles. In the office of your Greensboro family dentist at Triad Dentistry, your child can receive early evaluation of the bite and the development of the jaw by a Board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Sona Isharani. Paying attention to the issue … Continue reading

Greensboro area Dentist describes ways of preventing childhood obesity

Preventing Childhood

Many parents are well aware of the increasing concerns of the obesity epidemic. Therefore, Dr. Sona J. Isharani, board certified Pediatric Dentist in the Greensboro area, has become a continued advocate for fighting childhood obesity. Pediatric dental clinics serve as an important source of disease prevention, health promotion, and screening for many medical issues linked to the health of the smile. During a child’s visit to our practice, parents may be educated on ways of preventing childhood obesity. Pediatric dentists help heighten awareness of many issues regarding one’s diet and the link to dental problems and obesity. The American Academy … Continue reading

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