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See cosmetic improvement in your smile with dental crowns in Greensboro

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A dental crown is typically not a restoration that is associated only with the visual improvement of the smile. In fact, early dental crowns did very little for the appearance of the smile. Made of gold or metal alloy, crowns were, at one time, very visible “caps” on teeth. Today, patients who want to see both the restoration of function and cosmetic beauty realize the benefit of tooth-colored dental crowns. In our Greensboro dental office, there are several reasons why a crown may be needed.

Damage from a cavity

We cannot encourage our patients enough to visit us at the very first sign of tooth pain. Often, a small cavity will feel like nothing more than mild sensitivity. This is the best time to have a tooth checked and repaired as needed. Letting tooth pain linger equates to allowing more extensive damage to occur. When a cavity becomes quite large, the overall integrity of the tooth is at risk. In such an instance, the best way to preserve the natural tooth structure that remains is to remove decay and fully cover what is left with a beautiful, durable crown.


Most often, infection in the core of a tooth is the result of an untreated cavity. Infection in pulp tissue can be extremely painful. To put an end to pain and restore oral health, root canal therapy may be necessary. This procedure very precisely removes decay from the tooth and then also removes infected tissue from the pulp chamber. The root and nerves of the tooth are also removed in the root canal procedure. Because the treated tooth no longer receives blood, it may become brittle and fragile. A crown can cover the tooth and absorb the force of chewing, preventing further damage. Many people associate root canal therapy with pain, believing the procedure itself to be highly unpleasant. In reality, this treatment is not only comfortable but also very necessary to alleviate the pain of infection.

Tooth replacement

Crowns are a vital part of the smile restoration that occurs after tooth loss. These caps can be used in one of two ways: with a dental implant or as anchor pieces to a fixed bridge. When a bridge is selected for tooth replacement, the artificial tooth is fused in between two crowns. The crowns are affixed to the teeth on the sides of the gap, stabilizing the artificial tooth and properly distributing weight. When a dental implant is placed to restore function, this artificial root firmly holds a tooth-colored crown for many years of function and beauty.

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