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Oct 31

Dental crowns are one of many restorations designed and used by dentists to restore patients’ smiles. However, many dental offices require several appointments and a few weeks to completely repair a tooth using this type of restoration. Fortunately, the team at Triad Dentistry in Greensboro, North Carolina, understands that your time is important and is pleased to offer […]

Jul 15

Experiencing oral pain and sensitivity because of a damaged tooth? If your smile is in a world of hurt, you don’t have to wait for weeks to stop the pain. With CEREC dental crowns, the doctors at Triad Dentistry can restore your damaged tooth in one day. This means if you damage your tooth in […]

Sep 15

Dental crowns are caps shaped like your tooth so that they can be placed over it to either protect it or conceal a flaw. For years, this would require a 2-appointment process. With CEREC crowns, dentists can see the patient and provide them with their new dental crown within the same appointment. There are differences […]

Oct 01

Cracked, chipped, or misshapen teeth can be damaging to your appearance. Dental crowns are a versatile and effective cosmetic modification that can improve the look of your smile while also protecting and restoring strength to your teeth. If you have decayed or damaged teeth, Dr. Hatcher and the team at Triad Dentistry in Greensboro, explain […]

Oct 01

Your smile is understandably one of your most valuable assets, used every single day when you greet others at work, school, or on the street. A healthy, bright smile makes you feel better and brings joy to those with whom you share it. If your smile has cosmetic flaws that cause you to hide your […]

Oct 01

A dental crown is typically not a restoration that is associated only with the visual improvement of the smile. In fact, early dental crowns did very little for the appearance of the smile. Made of gold or metal alloy, crowns were, at one time, very visible “caps” on teeth. Today, patients who want to see […]