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Natural beauty one of the benefits of veneers near Greensboro NC

Natural looking Dental veneers from Dentist in Greensboro area

Whether your dentist is brightening your smile with professional whitening services or covering cosmetic flaws like gaps with veneers, the goal is the same: to achieve aesthetic improvement without altering the smile’s natural appearance. Dr. Hatcher and his team have extensive training and experience in the precision techniques best suited to individual patients. We are proud of our range of services and ability to identify which will achieve the desired result in each case.
Due to the extensive benefits to be had from treatment, porcelain veneers are often sought by men and women of the Greensboro, NC area. Dr. Hatcher carefully consults with and assesses the smiles of patients who seek cosmetic improvement in order to determine if porcelain veneers are suitable for optimal results. Veneers are wonderfully versatile, enhancing the size, color, and shape of a single tooth or of various teeth visible in the smile. Truly customizable, veneers can meet the needs of many different people.
Whether there is a gap front and center in your smile or your teeth have been stained from the use of certain medications, expertly designed veneers from our team can transform your smile and your confidence. Porcelain is ideal for veneers for a number of reasons, one of which is the ability to preserve the smile’s natural characteristics.
In addition to being naturally attractive, porcelain is also durable enough to handle the rigors of chewing and biting for several years. Durability does not mean that veneers are thick. On the contrary, veneers are made from ultra-thin high-quality porcelain, retaining the translucency you expect to see in your smile. Due to these and other characteristics, such as the refraction of light, porcelain veneers make sense for many of our patients.
If you have been longing for a more attractive smile but have hesitated due to fear of an unnatural appearance, rest assured you could achieve your goals with treatment tailored to your needs. Dr. Hatcher has carefully selected the techniques and materials with which he treats patients, considering the long-term effects and similarities to natural enamel.
Have the smile you really want. Call (336) 383-1482 for more information on our cosmetic dental services.
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