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Aug 23

We all know that childhood can be challenging, and those who grew up with a gap between their two front teeth may know this better than most! Significant gaps between a person’s central incisors produce what’s known as a “gap-tooth smile,” which can make smiling or just talking very embarrassing. If you’re searching for a […]

Mar 18

Is your smile in need of rejuvenation or repair? Are you seeking that confidence that you can only get when showing off your beautiful pearly whites? If so, veneers may be the procedure you have been looking for to restore that confidence. A veneer is a wafer-thin, custom made covering that is applied over your […]

Sep 26

W hether your dentist is brightening your smile with professional whitening services or covering cosmetic flaws like gaps with veneers, the goal is the same: to achieve aesthetic improvement without altering the smile’s natural appearance. Triad Dentistry team has extensive training and experience in the precision techniques best suited to individual patients. We are proud […]

Sep 26

Patients in and around the Greensboro area who are interested in rejuvenating their smiles and hiding imperfections in it are encouraged to contact Triad Dentistry Team to learn about smile makeover treatments available to make dramatic transformations. Many patients who are considering a smile makeover will benefit from the placement of restorations such as veneers. […]

Sep 26

It is common for patients seeking dental work to consider looking for a dentist who provides “cheap” services. Patients interested in cheap dental work are often highly disappointed in the treatments they are provided. Instead, Greensboro, NC area patients should consider an “affordable” dentist. A dentist who offers affordable services is ensuring patients receive dental […]

Sep 25

Our smiles are a unique feature that gives others a view of our personalities. Recent research indicates that an attractive smile is memorable, and viewed as an important asset to both social and professional success. For those who are not fully satisfied with the appearance of their teeth, the smile can become something they hide, […]