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Put the sparkle back in your smile with teeth whitening from your dentist in Greensboro, NC

sparkle back in your smile with teeth whitening from your dentist

Does your smile lack sparkle? Are you reluctant to give up your morning cup of coffee or tea? Have you tried whitening products at home with little luck? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from in-office teeth whitening from Dr. Hatcher, a trusted dentist in Greensboro, NC.

Whether you have an upcoming event or simply want to improve your smile, teeth whitening is an excellent and affordable option. We offer several methods of teeth whitening, although in office procedures remain our most popular.

In office teeth whitening can be completed in just one appointment. It’s a great option for patients who want a quick cosmetic update that produces immediate results. The professional gel is applied to the teeth and activated by a special light. Teeth whitening is safe, simple, and quick!

Some important facts about in-office whitening:

  • It is customizable. Over-the-counter options are all the same, while we work with you to determine the appropriate shade of white for your smile.
  • It’s safe and effective.
  • The entire procedure is simple and free from pain. Some patients do report an increased sensitivity to cold, but this will only last for a few days after the procedure. Special toothpaste can be used to help.
  • Your results can last a long time. Patients who have had the teeth whitening procedure tend to be more proactive about keeping their teeth clean, which helps maintain results. By following good oral hygiene and limiting dark colored food and beverages you can continue to enjoy a vibrant white smile.
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