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Greensboro area Dentist describes the procedure for root canal therapy

Root canal therapy for infected tooth from Greensboro Dentist

Root canal therapy is more common than many patients realize. Dr. Steven L. Hatcher of Greensboro is a quality dentist who understands the importance of maintaining the natural teeth within the smile. When certain problems develop in a tooth that may require extraction, Dr. Steven L. Hatcher will do his best to maintain the natural tooth without the need to remove it. In many cases, this is by performing a root canal procedure.
Root canal therapy, also referred to as endodontic therapy, is a procedure done in an attempt to maintain the natural tooth structure of an infected tooth. Inside of a tooth is the dental pulp, which includes the nerves that send pain sensations. When the dental pulp is affected by infection, tooth decay, or an abscess, it can cause discomfort for patients. This is when a dentist may suggest performing root canal therapy to avoid requiring extraction.
Root canal therapy is done under anesthetics, and sedation if necessary. Patients will rest in the dental chair while the dentist accesses the inside of the tooth to remove the dental pulp. The dental pulp is a mass of tissues that is easily taken from the inner canals of the tooth. Once this has been done, Dr. Steven L. Hatcher will then disinfect the inner portion of the tooth and fill it with gutta percha. This is a rubber-like material that is placed into the tooth and sealed with composite resin bonding. Depending on the situation, patients may also have a dental crown fabricated to bond over the top of the tooth to provide strength and stability to the tooth.
Dr. Steven L. Hatcher is excited to provide root canal therapy in his practice for patients instead of referring individuals out to a specialist for assistance. Root canal therapy does require training and experience to perform, and patients can rest easy knowing that Dr. Steven L. Hatcher has the expertise necessary to offer this procedure in his practice.
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