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Inhalation sedation administered by your Greensboro, NC dentist, makes treatment more pleasant

Inhalation sedation available from sedation dentist in Greensboro

The word “pleasant” is typically not one most people would associate with dentistry. It is an unfortunate fact that there are millions of people who put off seeing their dentist because they have had out and out unpleasant experiences at some point. Dr. Hatcher is focused on patient care and strives to help every patient get the most from his or her time in our office. At the same time, we understand that a gentle touch and clear communication may not be sufficient to end anxious feelings for every person we see. For this reason, Dr. Hatcher has included sedation services as an adjunct to dental treatments.
Sedation dentistry may seem a rather new trend, but, in fact, the ability to ease dental anxiety has existed since the late 1700s. After the discovery of nitrous oxide, or inhalation sedation, visits to the dentist could be far less stressful. We are proud to offer patients of all ages the ability to relax throughout dental care with the use of safe, effective nitrous oxide in our Greensboro, NC office.
While there are different types of sedation used in dentistry today, including oral conscious sedation and IV sedation, nitrous oxide remains a very versatile form of sedative. It’s effects can be adjusted based on patient need. Due to the fast-action of medication in the body, it is possible to alter the level of sedation quickly as needed. The quickness with which nitrous oxide produces effects also makes it ideal for the patient who does not want to feel any lingering effects from the sedation.

What to expect from inhalation sedation

When nitrous oxide is selected as the appropriate form of sedation, the sedative is delivered in combination with oxygen. As the patient inhales the odorless gas, a slight feeling of lightheadedness may occur. As this initial feeling passes, the arms and legs may become tingly as if vibrating. Many patients report feeling comfortably warmed by the effects of nitrous oxide, and extremely peaceful. When sedation deepens, a nice floating sensation may develop, and the patient may become drowsy.

Make dental care more enjoyable

Yes! Dental care can be pleasant and even enjoyable. If you have feared the dentist for any reason, we encourage you to discuss your concerns with Dr. Hatcher and investigate the benefits of sedation dental services. Call (336) 383-1482 today to schedule your visit with us.
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