A positive, comfortable dental experience is what we offer you!

The team at Triad Dentistry wants all patients in Greensboro, NC, to enjoy their dental experiences. We don’t want you delaying much-needed care out of fear and anxiety. Our sedation options make it easier for you.

The use of medication to help you feel calm and relaxed while receiving dental care. Patients remain awake during the procedure, but sedation helps reduce anxiety and fear and promote comfort throughout your treatment.

Those with:

Extreme dental anxiety and fear or a strong gag reflex

Sensitive teeth

Soreness due to keeping their mouth open

Undergoing multiple or lengthy treatments

Difficulty becoming completely numbed using local anesthetics

IV- The deepest level, this is used for complex treatments or highly anxious patients. It varies from a sleepy but still awake stage to general anesthesia involving deep sleep.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) – The mildest and most common form of sedation involves a gas inhaled through a small nasal mask. It’s a great option for kids.

Oral conscious sedation

Complex tooth extractions, including wisdom teeth extractions

Root canal therapy

Dental implant placement

Bone grafting

Gum contouring

To prevent the pain, discomfort, and irritation associated with the eruption of ‘impacted’ wisdom teeth: Teeth at an angle toward the next molar, toward the back of the mouth, or lying parallel to the jaw instead of being vertical.

When your tooth is severely infected, inflamed, or shows nerve damage, a root canal may be necessary to prevent bacterial infection, bone loss, or even tooth loss.

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