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Nov 14

Imagine that you only have seven seconds to make a first impression. Do you want a missing tooth to disrupt your otherwise healthy smile? Dental bridges are options to replace missing teeth and to complete the smile. For patients near Greensboro, NC, Dentists of Triad Dentistry explain the benefits of dental bridges as permanent restorations. […]

Oct 01

A missing tooth leaves more than a gap between existing teeth. It leaves a gap in your smile that could change the way you speak, talk, and even smile. However, residents of Greensboro, NC don’t need to live with a space in their smile where a tooth used to be. With the help of the […]

Oct 01

Patients often enjoy learning about the reasons others choose certain treatments. When suffering from tooth loss, there are several options – dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants. Patients will find all of these treatments at the Triad Dentistry office in Greensboro, NC. Many patients ask about the reasons we may recommend dental bridge treatment. We […]

Oct 01

There can be many reasons that our Greensboro patients are missing one or more teeth. Each patient is different and has different requirements for restorations so they have a few options to choose from. Implants are one restoration option, however, they can be expensive, and a patient may not have enough bone structure to support […]