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KöR teeth whitening a great solution to discoloration. See your Greensboro, NC dentist today!

great teeth whitening KöR from experienced Dentist in Greensboro area

When you know that your teeth are bright, shiny, and healthy, you have many reasons to smile. Discoloration, on the other hand, can steal your confidence. We love performing the KöR teeth whitening treatment on our Greensboro, NC patients. After stains are removed and the smile is quickly and dramatically transformed, we see a new bounce in their step. Because there is no guarantee that your smile will remain naturally bright forever, teeth whitening treatment is worth consideration.   Yellowing and dulling are problems that most people notice over time. It is difficult to keep teeth white even when you … Continue reading

Where patients in the Greensboro area can have professional teeth whitening treatments completed

professional teeth whitening treatments from Dentist in Greensboro area

A brighter, Hollywood smile is on the list of many patients who are interested in cosmetic dentistry procedures in the Greensboro area. Dr. Steven Hatcher understands that a beautiful, brilliant smile is an indication of health and confidence. This is why his practice offers patients professional teeth whitening solutions in his Greensboro area practice.   Professional teeth whitening is often chosen after patients have found little to no results with over-the-counter whitening products. Many of these strips, trays, and toothpastes provide minimal results and many patients are not satisfied with the whitening they offer. This is when they begin to … Continue reading

Greensboro area dentists explain the teeth whitening procedure

Greensboro area dentists explain the teeth whitening procedure

Greensboro area patients know how daunting it can be to find the right teeth whitening treatment. Patients see many different kinds of whitening products including mouthwashes, strips, and toothpastes. Unfortunately, many of these systems fail to provide effective results, and patients find themselves disappointed. Instead, patients who want a more beautiful smile are encouraged to contact Drs. Steven Hatcher and Sona Isharani to find out if the KöR teeth whitening procedure is appropriate for their needs.   KöR teeth whitening is a professional system that uses powerful strengths of hydrogen peroxide gel, which provides optimum results. Patients can choose to … Continue reading

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