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Dr. Steven Hatcher at Steven L. Hatcher, DDS, PA and Dr. Sona J. Isharani, DDS Providing Teeth and Gum Care Treatment

Patients of Dr. Steven Hatcher quickly learn that Triad Dentistry offers treatments designed around their unique needs. We are happy to serve patients who want to improve and maintain the health and the attractiveness of their smile, and focus on the very best in preventive dental care. In addition to discussing ways to keep teeth healthy, we are also serious about gum care. If you live near the Greensboro area and want to avoid inflammation and disease, we invite you to schedule your visit with our friendly, experienced team.

Gum disease is an interesting condition. While it is one of the most prevalent oral diseases in our country, it is also fully preventable. The cause of gum disease is oral bacteria. Tiny microorganisms naturally live in the mouth as well as the body. The problem is not their existence but the imbalance that can easily occur when the oral environment becomes too acidic.

Early on in the developmental state, gum disease is so subtle that its symptoms can be mistaken as normal. Bad breath may be attributed to food or a general lack of oral hygiene. Bleeding that occurs during brushing or flossing can be thought due to a heavy hand or the knick of the string of floss. These symptoms are explainable, but not as one may think. The explanation for any one of these symptoms is the development of gum disease. As soon as any of these problems is noticed, a visit should be scheduled with your dentist.

Treated early, the infection in the gums can be eliminated, and damage stopped. The other interesting thing about gum disease is that, when the condition is not treated quickly, there is no way to reverse damage or completely stop infection and inflammation. Once the disease process has set it, oral care requires continual management with the goal of limited bacterial activity in the mouth. One of the primary ways, this is done is with regular professional cleanings that address pockets between teeth and gums.

The farther gum disease progresses, the harder it is to correct the damage that is done. We encourage our patients to obtain treatment right away if gum health is a concern. Better yet, we recommend routine care twice a year as a preventive measure. It is far more beneficial to the smile and general health and wellbeing to avoid gum disease altogether.

We can help you keep your smile happy and healthy. Call (336) 383-1482 to arrange your visit with Dr. Hatcher.


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