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Sedation dentistry in Greensboro, NC a safe and effective way to minimize dental anxiety

solution from sedation dentist in Greensboro for dental anxiety

For many adults, visits to the dentist include stress and anxiety far greater than they should. If you have had unpleasant dental experiences where you were made to feel like a number instead of a person or where you felt uncomfortable due to pain or emotional turmoil, it is completely understandable that you would have difficulty sitting in the dental chair. Dr. Hatcher and his team want to help you have new and improved experiences. With sedation dentistry, you really can sail on through your visits to our Greensboro, NC office.

Sedation doesn’t equal sleep

There are wonderful aspects to sedation dentistry that are enjoyed by many patients. Due to the use of the word sedation, however, there may be some misperception about what can be achieved in the dental office.
Our team is trained and experienced in the various dosage forms of sedation for dental care. Patients who visit us may benefit from the use of nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, or IV sedation. Though there are three different types of sedation, all are essentially conscious sedation. None of the sedation we use in the dental office is as deep as general anesthesia. Patients are able to breathe on their own and, even if they feel as though they have slept through treatment, they continue to have the ability to hear and communicate with our staff.

How it works

Sedation, just like dental treatment, is tailored to the individual. During consultation with Dr. Hatcher, you can learn about the types of sedation available to you. Whether medication is delivered via inhalation, pill form, or intravenously, the effect is a slowing of the central nervous system. Inhalation and IV sedation are each delivered directly by our team in our office. Oral conscious sedation may involve the prescription of medication to be taken at home before your visit.
Sedative medication, whatever its form, blunts the effects of external stimuli. If you have felt nervous due to the sounds of the dental office, sedation will ease anxiety and allow you to undergo the treatment necessary to improve oral health. Additionally, sedation will have a slight amnesiac effect that causes you to feel as though your visit takes only a few minutes. After care, you will remember little if anything of your treatment.
There is no reason to suffer the fear and stress of dental anxiety. Contact our office at (336) 383-1482 to consult with our team about sedation dentistry.
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