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Root Canals Dentist saving unhealthy teeth from extractions in Greensboro

Greensboro Root Canals Dentist saves tooth from extractions

When a tooth is severely damaged, cracked, slowly decaying or just constantly causing pain, there are necessary procedures that can take place that will save the tooth from extraction. Today, we have the means to fight back and keep more of our natural teeth than ever before. Years ago, extractions were the main answer for deep cavities attacking teeth. At Triad Dentistry with Dr. Steven Hatcher and our hard-working talented staff, we can assist in keeping your natural tooth with a process called root canal therapy.
Root canal therapy involves local anesthetics to eliminate pain and discomfort most patients compare the procedure to having a tooth filled. It can be nerve-wracking to be placed in a situation where you must decide to keep a decaying tooth or extract it. Extracting teeth that can be saved is unfortunate and we have a solution for you. With root canal therapy, Dr. Hatcher uses small instruments to pierce a tiny hole in the top of the tooth to reach down to the dental pulp. The chamber of the tooth contains the pulp, blood vessels, nerves, and tissues, which must be removed in order to eliminate the agony of the pain it is causing. The tooth is then disinfected and cleaned of all bacteria, then filled, sealed, and typically topped with a crown to help support and protect the tooth from further decay and damage.
By saving a tooth that could have been extracted or left to rot, you are saving your entire smile. Restoration can be very time-consuming if teeth are left without proper dental care. We encourage all of our patients to continue to have regular dental visits at least twice a year. Proper brushing and flossing can help eliminate unwanted dental procedures and keep your smile bright and healthy. The wonderful team at Triad Dentistry with Dr. Hatcher welcomes you to call or come in for a consultation. Your smile is very important to us!
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