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Achieve a sparkling smile with quick teeth whitening in Greensboro

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If you have been yearning for that million-dollar smile, but feel hesitant because of your yellowed teeth, then you are not alone. Countless people suffer from this problem and feel embarrassed to smile. But you can restore a shining smile and white teeth that look fresh, clean, and attractive with the help of quick in-office teeth whitening in Greensboro.

Teeth whitening treatments are administered by trained dental professionals. Under professional dental care, it will cause no harm to your natural enamel. The tooth whitening agent penetrates the surface of your teeth and removes the stains effectively.

With in-office whitening treatment, you will get satisfactory results quickly. The procedure involves the application of a layer of peroxide-based gel. The whitening agent in the gel will start breaking down stain molecules within an hour of application. As a result, you get brighter and whiter teeth very quickly.

An experienced dental professional may use KöR teeth whitening process, which combines the goodness of an in-office treatment and the convenience of at-home teeth whitening to produce longer lasting benefits.

In-office teeth whitening procedure


Before your procedure of quick teeth whitening in Greensboro begins, the dentist will clean your teeth and gums to remove all tartar, bacteria and food particles that may impact the outcome of the teeth whitening procedure.

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Protective gel and whitening agent

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After the completion of prep work, the dentist applies the whitening gel on your teeth’s surface. The application has to be uniform so that the enamel appears natural after the procedure.

The gel needs to be applied in such a way that it does not touch the gums. If the gel comes in contact with your gums, it can cause irritation to your soft tissues. Dentists prevent that from happening by using a protective gel to cover the gums and lips. Only after carefully creating a protective barrier will the dentist apply the teeth whitening solution.

Whitening process

For the gel to work, a layer of it must be applied for a specific duration of time, as decided by the dentist. Based on what type dental whitening treatment system is selected, the dentist may also use a special light exposure to obtain best results. Usually, the longer your teeth are covered with gel, the brighter the results will be.

The whitening gel is left on your teeth for about 15 minutes before its removal and reapplication. All it takes is an hour, or less, for the gel to perform optimally and lighten your teeth noticeably.

Sometimes, patients are required to go through one or more in-office quick teeth whitening treatments in Greensboro, depending on their teeth’s condition and their desired level of aesthetic improvement.

Variability of outcomes

As every patient’s teeth are unique, the results may vary and cannot be predicted precisely in advance. In any case, most patients are satisfied with their teeth whitening results, as long as the procedure is performed by an experienced dentist. The factors that contribute to the quality of the results include:

  • Level of staining on teeth
  • Stain location on the teeth
  • Lifestyle and eating habits
  • The treatment selected for teeth whitening
  • Number of treatments received

Most people will notice a positive enhancement in their smile following the teeth whitening treatment. The patients that have undergone in-office treatment will usually see immediate results. With the KöR teeth whitening system, the results will continue to improve along with a customized at-home treatment.

Teeth maintenance after treatment

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Even though you will get immediate results following the treatment, stains are likely to reappear in the future. The treatment may be effective, but it does not protect your teeth against future staining. Therefore, you may be required to repeat the teeth whitening procedure in future to enjoy extended benefits. However, the treatment must always be carried out and continued under the supervision of a trained, professional and licensed dentist.

The patients must carefully choose a dentist for quick teeth whitening in Greensboro. With a professional teeth whitening treatment, you can achieve the bright and natural smile that you have been longing for.

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