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Five reasons to get professional teeth whitening in Greensboro NC

get professional teeth whitening treatment from Dentist in Greensboro area

When your smile is bright, your life is, as well. Research shows that the more we smile, the happier we feel. If your teeth are dull or stained due to years of buildup from foods and beverages, you may feel less than confident in your smile. The solution is not to smile less. This will make you seem unfriendly or unhappy. Smiling is a vital component of human interaction. Your smile, when attended to with loving care, can open doors that improve your life. To get a brighter, more attractive smile takes only one visit for professional teeth whitening in our Greensboro, NC office.
You undoubtedly have several options for the removal of set-in stains on your teeth. The results you get, however, will be tied to the efficacy of your chosen method. There are several very good reasons for choosing to whiten teeth in the office of your experienced dentist:

  • Professional grade whitening gel is far more powerful than what you can get at any retail outlet. In order to sell “to the masses,” commercial manufacturers must limit the concentration of their whitening solution. Because your dentist ensures your teeth and gums are in good health before whitening and oversees the process, a stronger solution can be used.
  • Under the supervision of our experienced dental team, professional KöR whitening is safe for teeth and gum tissue. Home whitening systems, even with their limited concentration of peroxide, may cause irritation to lips, the tongue, and the gums. This is largely due to the inefficiency of one-size-fits-all trays to keep peroxide where it belongs.
  • KöR whitening, performed in our office in just about an hour, provides predictable results. KöR does not work with abrasives or with ill-fitting appliances. We apply the whitening gel directly to your teeth and because it is cold, it activates right away. The solution is left on for only a few minutes, after which we observe the level of brightness and repeat if necessary.
  • Professional whitening is by far the fastest way to get the results you want! With KöR, you walk into our office with a dull smile and walk out feeling like a new person.
  • Thorough results come from professional care. Often, we recommend a good cleaning before the whitening procedure. This will remove any plaque that has adhered to teeth. If plaque or tartar, which cannot be seen, are present, whitening gel is less effective.

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