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Who doesn’t love the idea of pain-free dental procedures in Greensboro?

Pain-free dental procedures from sedation dentist in Greensboro

Dental anxiety is a reality for millions of people. The stress that is experienced ranges from mild anxiety that makes dental visits a bit unpleasant to distress at the mere thought of visiting the dentist. Patients of Dr. Hatcher are encouraged to put their fear aside and consider what it would be like to experience pain-free dental procedures. Individuals in the Greensboro area do not have to endure painful dental problems, nor do they have to fear the treatment that can save their smile. Thanks to simple sedation like nitrous oxide, dentistry can be a breeze.
Nitrous oxide is a gas that has been used as a form of sedation for centuries. Delivered through a comfortable mask in combination with oxygen, nitrous diminishes feelings of anxiety and maximizes the power of local anesthetic, making dental care far less stressful and extremely comfortable.
This gas has no odor, but many patients report that it has a pleasant taste. An ideal form of sedation in the clinical setting, nitrous is very fast-acting, causing almost-immediate relaxation. After a few minutes of breathing the nitrous/oxygen combination, many people begin to feel very “light” and happy. Due to the euphoric sensations common with nitrous oxide, this form of sedation has earned names such as “laughing gas.”

What to expect from nitrous oxide sedation

Dr. Steven Hatcher is trained and experienced in the delivery of sedation for dental care. The relaxing effects of various forms of sedation enable patients to receive dental care calmly and to remember very little of their treatment. One of the wonderful aspects of nitrous oxide is that we are able to adjust the concentration of the solution to achieve just the right level of relaxation. Under sedation, patients may feel:

  • Slightly light headed
  • A low sensation of vibration or tingling in the arms and legs
  • A slight warmth throughout the body
  • Extreme happiness and wellbeing
  • A comfortable floating sensation
  • Comfortable sleepiness as sedation deepens

Nitrous oxide sedation is different from oral conscious sedation and IV sedation in that its effects are milder though still very effective at achieving relaxation. Another key difference is that the effects of nitrous oxide diminish within minutes. This form of sedation is the only form after which a patient may drive him or herself home. When oral conscious sedation or IV sedation is chosen, reliable transportation must be arranged.
You deserve to feel great about seeing the dentist. Don’t let fear stand in your way of a healthy, beautiful smile. Call (336) 383-1482 to learn about your options for sedation.
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A graduate from the University of North Carolina, Dr. Hatcher majored in biology and completed his undergraduate studies there. At UNC, he was awarded a cancer research grant from the National Institutes of Health after which he graduated from dental school.

Dr. Hatcher is a passionate and driven professional who strives to preserve and enhance natural beauty in every dental treatment. He is keen on developing an individualist approach when it comes to treating his patients to ensure patient care is a tailor-made experience for the comfort of each client.

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