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Correcting misaligned teeth in kids, your Greensboro Dentist may take advantage of that growth spurt

Misaligned Teeth Treatments For Kids

There is a specific time in life when kids tend to experience a major growth spurt. For some, more than one time of accelerated growth will occur. Often, we see braces on the faces of kids in the general time in which growth spurts are more common. The two seem completely unrelated, but could they actually be linked?

Misaligned teeth affect a lot of kids’ smiles. In the office of your Greensborofamily dentist, your child can receive early evaluation of the bite and the development of the jaw. Paying attention to the issue of misalignment early, before permanent teeth have all grown in, allows us to act in a preventive manner, aiding the expansion of the jaw while baby teeth are still present. This way, when the time comes to put braces on teeth, the process will go much more smoothly. When early care has been performed, it is possible to cut the duration of treatment time by several months.

Like smiles, misalignment is different in every person. There are several options for treatment available today, with many feeling most attracted to the aligner methods. Though there are cases in which aligners can achieve the desired outcome, it is important to remember the goal of orthodontic care is to place teeth in their best position in the jaw. In some situations, this will be best accomplished with traditional braces. You can rest assured that your dentist is most concerned with obtaining optimal results with the most comfortable treatment.

The timing for braces is typically arranged around the development of the jaw, when a child is between the age of 11 and 13. At this same time, however, the body is preparing for rapid growth, or the good old growth spurt. During a growth spurt, the ligaments and joints are looser than they would be otherwise, which means their hold on bones is weaker. This weakness is perfect for the movement of teeth.

How braces work

Orthodontic treatments of all kinds are designed around the principal of pressure. Whether with aligners or brackets and wires, consistent, gentle pressure applied to teeth move them from the grip of the periodontal ligament, which is located in the jawbone. As the ligament loosens around teeth under pressure, they can be moved to their rightful positioning.

Orthodontic treatment straightens the smile, improves bite function, and makes it easier to maintain oral health. Our dental team is happy to help your family enjoy their happiest, healthiest smiles. Call (336) 383-1482 to schedule your visit.


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