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Understanding infant oral health with assistance from a Greensboro area Dentist

Infant Oral Health

As your child grows older, they are set to have a
beautiful smile, as long as their parents have
encouraged positive oral health habits along the way. Infant oral health is a common question from parents in the Greensboro area who speak with board certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Sona J. Isharani. During the first dental appointment for a child, parents can sit down and consult with Dr. Sona to ask questions about infant oral health care and about how to avoid problems such as cavities and instill age appropriate habits as the child grows and develops.

Typically, within the first six months to a year, infants will go through the process of teething. This is when their baby teeth, called the primary teeth, begin to break through the gums. Typically, the bottom two front teeth come in first, followed by the top two front teeth. However, this can vary with every child. By the age of three years, many children have all 20 primary teeth in place.

During this time, infants may be extremely fussy and temperamental. This is perfectly normal during teething. As soon as parents notice the first teeth breaking through the gum line, they are encouraged to schedule their child’s first dental appointment. This is also recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. By the age one, children should see a Pediatric Dentist for a thorough evaluation and to connect with the children’s dentist who will follow them and be a role model through their oral health journey.

There are many tips Dr. Sona may give parents regarding their infant’s oral health and dental care.

  • Schedule their first dental appointment as soon as the first teeth erupt. (FREE appointments with Dr. Sona until 14 months of age)
  • Avoid giving bottles of milk or juice before bed, as this increases the risk of developing dental caries (cavities).
  • Before teeth come through, use a wet, clean washcloth to clean the gums after feedings.
  • Introduce the child to the toothbrush early and use non-fluoride toothpaste until they are old enough to avoid swallowing their toothpaste.
  • Contact the dentist with any concerns that may arise between regular 6 month recall appointments.
  • Learn how to adequately brush (and floss) your child’s teeth.


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