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Dr. Steven Hatcher at Steven L. Hatcher, DDS, PA and Dr. Sona J. Isharani, DDS Providing Gum Treatments Greensboro

Millions of Americans are living with gum disease, a problem that dentists take very seriously. Gum disease doesn’t only threaten the longevity and comfort of healthy teeth; it puts your entire body at risk for unhealthy conditions. Research reports have continually confirmed the fact that gum disease is linked to a number of concerns, such as stroke, heart attack, and diabetes. Patients who visit Dr. Steven Hatcher can feel confident that our team is mindful of the development of gum disease. Treatment designed in our Greensboro office remains as conservative as possible without impeding optimal results.

The treatment and management of gum disease is a continual effort. Ideally, we can detect gum disease in its earliest form, gingivitis. At this time, a conservative deep cleaning can remove bacteria from hiding places between gums and teeth. With the application of topical antibiotics or prescription oral antibiotics coupled with the scaling and root planing procedure, we are able to minimize the effects of oral bacteria and their acidic byproduct. Not every person can be treated with a deep cleaning alone. If gum disease progresses and pockets between teeth and gums grow to be quite large, the risk of tooth loss increases significantly. More advanced periodontal disease, in which the muscles, ligaments, and bone are at risk, may require a minor oral surgery procedure through which periodontal pockets are reduced.

Gum disease is not a dental condition that you want to leave untreated. The minor inflammation that begins with gingivitis does not go away on its own. It is through targeted care, nutritional guidance and focused hygiene that infection is stopped. Without the proper care and ongoing maintenance required, gum disease can cause multiple secondary conditions, many of them irreversible. Bone loss, for instance, is a consequence of advanced periodontal disease. The more bone is affected by infection, the more unstable teeth become and the greater the risk of tooth loss.

Dr. Steven Hatcher and his team invite you to our Greensboro practice, where we can help you address gum disease before infection grows to a point where your smile and your health are at risk. Call (336) 383-1482 today to schedule your routine exam and cleaning.


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