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Your Greensboro NC dentist can take the fear out of dental work with IV sedation

IV sedation from dentist in Greensboro

Even though modern technology has made dentistry almost completely pain-free, dental fear keeps millions of people from visiting a dentist. At Triad Dentistry in Greensboro, NC, we believe everyone deserves to feel comfortable in our office. We make this possible with the help of sedation.
Dental fear and anxiety is different for every patient. Some people only fear extensive work. Others get sweaty palms at the mere mention of a cleaning. Our team of smile specialists can make sure that you feel at ease regardless of the procedure.

About IV Sedation

IV sedation involves the administration of a sedative through an IV that is placed into a vein in your arm. Patients are conscious during IV sedation, but not completely aware of their surroundings. You will be able to breathe and swallow and follow simple instructions. Because the medicine is administered directly into the blood, the effects begin to be felt immediately. Many patients report a dreamy feeling, like they are drifting away. Patients may also will feel sleepy and close their eyes. Most people have little to no memory of their treatment. The level of sedative administered can be adjusted throughout the procedure. We also offer oral conscious sedation which is a medication that is prescribed and taken prior to coming into the office.
At Triad Dentistry, we offer a variety of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry solutions for our patients in the Greensboro area. If anxiety about dental work has kept you out of our office, call us today at (336) 383-1482 to schedule a consultation visit to learn more about the benefits of sedation.
Discover why so many patients are turning to sedation dentistry to overcome their fear and relax in the dentist’s chair. Soon you will be back on the road to having a beautiful, healthy smile.
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