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Your Greensboro cosmetic dentist can help you handle the loss of a permanent tooth

Dr. Steven Hatcher at Steven L. Hatcher, DDS, PA and Dr. Sona J. Isharani, DDS Providing Greensboro Area Cosmetic Dentistry

Our teeth serve more than one function. Teeth provide us with the ability to chew foods. They are also an important feature in the smile, support healthy facial contours, and allow us to speak clearly. The loss of teeth without replacement may lead to an aged appearance as facial structure sinks in slightly.

We all deserve to feel good about how we look, and our smiles are an important part of our total image. When a permanent tooth is lost or needs to be removed, your Greensboro cosmetic dentist can help you find the most suitable replacement.

We take the loss of permanent teeth seriously, knowing that the smile is directly affected by the absence of even a single tooth. Furthermore, oral health may suffer if there are gaps between teeth where bacteria can thrive. Remaining teeth must carry more stress in chewing, also For years, dental bridges have served as an excellent form of tooth replacement. With this custom-made appliance, we are able to achieve:

  • A highly functional bite, with teeth in proper position.
  • Preserved chewing and clear speech.
  • A naturally attractive smile.
  • Proper distribution of force throughout the bite.
  • Support for healthy facial contours.

Typically, a dental bridge is a securely-fixed appliance. A bridge is anchored by custom-made dental crowns to the two teeth that lie on the edges of a gap. Treatment begins with preparation of these teeth to accommodate their crowns, and dental impressions. In a dental lab, crowns are fabricated based on this mold, and a bridge is made by fusing an artificial tooth in between these restorations. In a few weeks, a single-piece prosthetic is returned to our office, where we evaluate it for fit and bond it into place.

Determining the best way to replace a lost tooth can take time. There are factors to consider, such as longevity of treatment and level of stability. Dr. Hatcher has been helping patients regain their healthiest, most functional smiles for years. He will work with you to solve the problem of a missing tooth.

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