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The fixed bridge an affordable and efficient alternative to partial dentures in Greensboro, NC

Dr. Steven Hatcher at Steven L. Hatcher, DDS, PA and Dr. Sona J. Isharani, DDS Providing Denture Treatment

Tooth loss may occur for a number of reasons, ranging from tooth decay to gum disease to a direct injury. When a tooth is lost or must be extracted due to damage, we focus restorative efforts on the most suitable form of replacement. Leaving a gap in the smile is not a good idea. Doing so could lead to movement in surrounding teeth as well as an increase in plaque buildup in the area of the missing tooth. When considering options, patients are encouraged to evaluate the fixed bridge as an affordable alternative to partial dentures.

In our Greensboro, NC office, we design care to meet the immediate and the long-term needs of the individual patient. With the dental bridge, a number of goals are accomplished:

  • The smile is restored to its most naturally attractive state
  • Speaking and chewing are restored to an optimal level
  • Bite force is evenly distributed across the arch
  • Surrounding teeth are fully supported
  • Support for lips and cheeks continues, preserving healthy facial contours

A dental bridge may be designed in a few different ways. Most patients gain the greatest extent of benefit from the fixed bridge or a bridge supported by a dental implant.

The fixed dental bridge is a prosthetic that is custom designed in a dental lab based on a model of the patient’s mouth. This type of bridge includes an artificial tooth as well as two full crowns. The crowns will fit over the teeth on the outside of the empty space. Their job is to stabilize the artificial tooth, which sits on the gums in between the two “anchor teeth.” In just two visits, the entire restorative process is complete and the patient is set up for years of functionality and comfort.

Due to the fact that a fixed bridge contains an artificial tooth that sits on top of the gums, a bit of special care is required to maintain a healthy smile after tooth restoration. In addition to brushing and flossing, oral hygiene will need to include a special flossing tool that cleans underneath the artificial tooth. During the visit in which the final bridge is affixed, Dr. Hatcher can demonstrate the tool and its proper use.

Most patients fitted with a fixed dental bridge enjoy full function for fifteen years or more. The better care provided to the smile, the longer a bridge can last.

Don’t let tooth loss degrade the look or the health of your smile. Contact us at (336) 383-1482 to discuss your options for tooth replacement.


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