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Finding out that you need to have a root canal can be scary. Hearing that you need to have more than one root canal can be downright terrifying. Dr. Steven L. Hatcher, knows that there’s almost no procedure in the history of dentistry that causes as much apprehension as a root canal. However, he urges patients to remain calm and understand the procedure, the reason(s) a root canal may be performed, and how to best heal from a root canal.
Root canals get their bad name because typically a patient learns that he or she needs the procedure after visiting the dentist because of extreme tooth pain. The tooth pain, however, is caused by an infection deep within the tooth. The root canal is a treatment that is designed to clean out the infection and, ultimately, stop the pain and save the tooth. As the infection is cleaned out, the tooth’s nerve and a lot of the inside of the tooth are removed. To ensure that the tooth remains stable, a crown is placed.
Some patients ask if it’s better to extract the tooth rather than to undergo a root canal. In most cases, it is better to save the tooth. When a tooth is missing, the other teeth will slip out of place and the mouth will lose a great deal of much-needed support. Further, the patient would have to undergo an extraction and undergo procedures for a replacement tooth. A root canal is almost always the better choice.
If a patient learns that he or she needs several root canals, it is important to find out if there is an underlying cause. For example, if the teeth are damaged due to trauma, such as a fall or an accident it is likely a singular event. However, if several teeth are badly decayed it could be that the patient does not have proper nutrition or oral care habits. In this case, your dentist will also want to discuss preventative care to avoid further issues with other teeth in the future.
Dr. Hatcher is committed to providing top-notch care to each and every one of his patients. His expertise, combined with their gentle and respectful care, are well known across the Greensboro, NC, area. For more information about root canals, or to schedule a consultation, call the office of Dr. Steven L. Hatcher today.
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