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Why Greensboro area patients may seek a professional dental teeth whitening procedure

professional dental teeth whitening procedure from Dentist in Greensboro area

A bright smile can indicate health and happiness. However, the teeth can become yellowed and stained. For some, discolored teeth are genetic, while others struggle with staining due to much-needed medications. Whatever the reason, many patients in the Greensboro area begin to consider professional teeth whitening through a quality dental practice. This is when Dr. Steven Hatcher sees patients come into his office seeking professional teeth whitening services.
We can provide excellent results. Many who seek professional teeth whitening have tried over-the-counter products and been dissatisfied with the results. We encourage individuals to consider professional methods such as KöR whitening, which is a fast, in-office procedure which can whiten the smile in just one visit. This method also incorporates at-home whitening for long-lasting results.
Dr. Steven Hatcher believes in offering patients solutions to improve the aesthetics of the smile, and KöR teeth whitening is one of them. His practice offers this in-office power bleaching treatment for those who are ready to make a dramatic enhancement to their natural smile. This method is much more effective than anything available over-the-counter because it is stronger and monitored by a dental professional to ensure results.
KöR teeth whitening is a power bleaching method that takes about one hour in the dental chair. The teeth are cleaned to remove plaque and tartar from the surfaces, and then patients are prepared for treatment. A special gel is applied to the gums to protect the gum tissues during treatment, and then the whitening product is applied to the surfaces of the teeth. Afterwards, the teeth are cleaned again to remove the barrier gel and the bleaching product from the gums and enamel. When patients leave, they will have rejuvenated their smile and can go about the rest of their day showing it off with confidence!
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