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Greensboro dentist explains root canal dental procedure

X-ray of infected tooth from Dentist in Greensboro

At the office of Dr. Stephen Hatcher DDS, we understand it can be unsettling to find out you need a root canal. Root canals are necessary dental procedures that are performed to preserve the structure of an infected tooth and prevent the need for extractions. There are many reasons a patient may need a root canal. Perhaps there was trauma or injury to the tooth, affecting the nerves and causing pain. Another common reason is a deep cavity that has led to infection. The presence of a persistent toothache must be evaluated to determine if root canal therapy is necessary.

A solution for pain

At our Greensboro office, we evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients every day who need root canals. The procedure is similar to a filling, and is performed in our office under local anesthetic. There is a common misconception surrounding root canals that they are painful, when in fact the opposite is true. Root canals relieve the pain that results from deep decay or trauma.

How root canals work

Inside each tooth is the dental pulp which is composed of connective tissue, blood vessels and nerves. When there is a damage or infection to the dental pulp it can cause deep pain and sensitivity that will not resolve on its own. If left untreated, the pain will continue to worsen and can cause further problems such as abscesses.
During a root canal, the dental pulp is removed. Prior to the procedure, we often recommend an antibiotic to eliminate the infection. Under local anesthetic, the tissue will be removed and that area will be thoroughly cleansed. Afterward, the hole is filled and sealed to prevent bacteria from entering. Because teeth are weakened after a root canal, a crown will be placed over the tooth to preserve strength and functionality.
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