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Greensboro, NC area patients ask about appropriate day-to-day dental care

appropriate day-to-day dental care guidance from Dentist in Greensboro, NC

Dr. Steven L. Hatcher of the Greensboro, NC area provides patients with several services to assist in achieving dental health and maintaining it. While visiting the dentist at least twice a year for cleanings and examinations is key, it is not the only way to care for the smile. The most important aspect of achieving dental health is to develop appropriate dental care habits in the home. Between visits, patients need to make sure they pay close attention to the cleaning and maintenance of their smile. This ensures better dental health between visits.
Dental care starts with brushing. Brushing the teeth after every meal is desirable because it helps remove anything left behind from foods and drinks. Acids and sugars from many foods and drinks can linger on the surfaces of the teeth and can slowly develop into bacteria laden plaque and tartar, which eventually harden and eat away at the enamel. When this occurs, patients are at risk for dental caries, also known as cavities. When deep enough, they can infect the dental pulp, the mass of tissues inside of the tooth that may require root canal therapy to address or extraction.
Second, patients should floss their teeth at least once a day, typically at night. Flossing helps in removing the plaque, tartar, and even food particles, which can become trapped between the teeth. Patients who are unsure as to how to floss their teeth are welcome to ask Dr. Steven L. Hatcher of Greensboro, NC about techniques and tips for ensuring they do so correctly for the best benefits.
Third, patients should schedule an appointment with their dentist as soon as they suspect something is wrong with their smile. This may be bleeding while brushing or flossing their teeth or sensitivity, which may indicate the beginning of a cavity. Discussing these concerns with a dentist as soon as possible is the most appropriate way to handle situations that can occur.
Patients in the Greensboro area who want to achieve better dental health are welcome to contact the practice of Dr. Steven L. Hatcher and book a consultation appointment and examination with our dedicated team of professionals.
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