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Cosmetic dentistry services help Greensboro, NC, patients improve the appearance and the health of their smile

Patients Improve the Appearance

Many adults who want to improve the quality of their smiles, such as with teeth whitening care, believe they need to work with a dentist who specializes only in cosmetic dentistry. While there are dental practices that only focus on the aesthetic concerns of a patient, our dentists perform other general and restorative services and provide the same great smile-improving procedures while also being concerned about the function and health of your mouth. Dr. Steven Hatcher of Greensboro, NC, understand that form and function go together to deliver a beautiful and healthy smile.

For a healthy smile, aesthetics is only a piece of the puzzle

Dr. Hatcher and the team help their patients achieve smiles that are both happy and healthy. They understand that while some patients seek treatment because of how their mouth looks, many cosmetic procedures offer dental health benefits as well. For example, patients may research orthodontic treatment because they want a straighter, more perfectly aligned smile that gives them confidence and pride. Yet, a smile that is properly aligned improves the bite, leading to more even distribution of pressure when chewing. Braces also improve dental health by straightening teeth to allow for better brushing and flossing.

Another example of cosmetic treatment that has important dental health benefits is dental implants. Many patients believe that they need to have a missing tooth replaced so that their smile doesn’t have an unappealing gap in it. However, replacing a tooth is important because each tooth provides support to the rest of the mouth. When one is missing, the other teeth can shift out of place, bacteria can begin to grow, and dental health can deteriorate. A dental implant not only fills the gap, but also allows patients to speak clearly and eat their favorite foods again.

If you’re considering cosmetic dental treatment and live in the Greensboro area, call Dr. Hatcher and at (336) 383-1482 to schedule a consultation.


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