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Dental care can provide cosmetic benefits for Greensboro area patients

cosmetic benefits from Preventative dental treatment from dentist in Greensboro, NC

Brushing and flossing the teeth are beneficial for one’s dental health, but many patients are unaware of the cosmetic benefits this daily care can provide for the smile. Dr. Steven L. Hatcher of Greensboro, NC encourages patients to maintain their beautiful smile with daily dental care and oral hygiene habits that improve the appearance of the teeth and gums.
Brushing and flossing help in removing food particles, sugars, bacteria, and acids from the teeth and gums to ensure patients do not experience problems such as periodontal disease or tooth decay. These can have negative effects on the health and appearance of the smile. When periodontal disease occurs, the first stage often appears as bleeding and swelling of the gum tissue. This can be extremely noticeable within the smile and cause patients to feel self-conscious about the way they look. This initial stage, known as gingivitis, is easily treatable with a visit to the dentist. This brings back the healthy pink gum tissue that indicates better dental health and wellness.
Patients who take good care of their smile will not need to undergo certain treatments to restore the look of their teeth and gums, which means less money spent and less time in the dental office. Patients will have a natural smile and enjoy the benefits of their natural teeth without dealing with restorations such as dental implants, dentures, or dental bridges. Though many of these restorations are made to look beautiful and completely natural, they can be costly. Many restorations can be avoided if patients maintain the health and wellness of their smile with appropriate dental care.
However, even when patients maintain the health of their smiles, they may still deal with imperfections that can only be improved with cosmetic dentistry. This can include unusually shaped teeth, misaligned teeth, and staining or discoloration caused by genetics or medication. These flaws can be improved with treatments available through Dr. Steven L. Hatcher
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