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Early evaluation for braces helps children in Greensboro enjoy happy, healthy smiles

Braces For Children

Typically, we think of pediatric dentistry as the area in which children are taught how to – and why to – care for their teeth with daily brushing and flossing and healthy food choices. There is more on your dentist’s mind than this. One of the aspects of dental care that begins when a child is six or seven years of age is evaluation for braces. At this time, care for children expands to assess the development of the jaw in relation to the growth of permanent teeth. In our Greensboro dental practice, our pediatric specialist Dr. Sona Isharani understands that catching the potential for misalignment early can help a child avoid issues with breathing, snoring, and sleeping.

Braces are not typically seen in chidren’s smiles. This is because most people wait until the jaw has fully developed to address the issue of misalignment. Waiting for braces does not mean that you must wait to see how misalignment occurs. Early assessments can help us identify whether or not there will be enough space in the mouth for teeth to grow in properly. When there is not, we can plan preemptive treatment to facilitate jaw growth. Taking this early step makes actual orthodontic care much more efficient.

During the teen years, the chosen form of braces will be applied. Dr. Isharani is familiar with the various forms of orthodontic treatment and provides details of treatments suited to the patient’s needs. Though there is a high demand for aesthetics during orthodontic treatment, our goal as dental professionals is to recommend the method that will achieve the best results based on the bite, degree of misalignment, and more. When braces follow early expansion of the jaw, there tends to be much less need for dramatic tooth movement.

The benefits of early orthodontic evaluation extend beyond the obvious correction of misalignment. We have learned through research that more than half of the children diagnosed with ADD actually have airway issues as a result of a bad bite, called malocclusion. When the airway is affected by misalignment in the jaw, sleep is disrupted. Lack of sleep in a child can cause behavioral issues like hyperactivity and an inability to concentrate.

Addressing misalignment improves a child’s sense of confidence and also his or her general wellbeing. Learn more about orthodontic evaluation in your consultation with Dr. Hatcher or Dr. Isharani. Call (336) 383-1482.


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Dr. Hatcher and his team are the most compassionate care givers I have encountered during my search for a Dentist who would help me with my dental implants. They made be feel right at home the moment I walked in to their office, answered all my questions patiently and made the whole process as painless as possible. Thank you for treating me like your own family. Best to you all.
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