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Dentist in Greensboro, NC shares recovery tips for wisdom teeth removal

As an experienced dentist in Greensboro, NC, Dr. Steven Hatcher has performed many wisdom tooth extractions.

Your third set of molars, commonly called wisdom teeth, are not essential for a healthy mouth or attractive smile. In fact, they can be problematic when they don’t fully erupt or there isn’t room for these large teeth. Removal of wisdom teeth may be in the best interest of your comfort and oral health. As an experienced dentist in Greensboro, NC, Dr. Steven Hatcher has performed many wisdom tooth extractions. He shares these tips for speedy, uneventful recovery. The procedure (what to expect) Dr. Hatcher begins with a thorough examination of your mouth, including x-rays, to determine the position of … Continue reading

Greensboro, NC patients search for treatments and steps to stop gum disease

Gum disease can be avoided and stopped. Let Dr. Hatcher and the team at Triad Dentistry help protect the health of your smile.

Gum disease is present in nearly half of adults  over 30 . The number increases with age as approximately 70 percent of patients over 65 have some form of periodontal disease. The signs could be lurking beneath your beautiful smile. In Greensboro, NC, Dr. Steven Hatcher and his team at Triad Dentistry provide gum disease treatments to protect the health of the oral cavity. The gums are the pink supportive tissues at the base of the teeth. You probably do not think of them much when smiling, eating, or brushing your teeth, but the health of your gums is an … Continue reading

Achieve a sparkling smile with quick teeth whitening in Greensboro

Teeth whitening treatments are administered by trained dental professionals. Under professional dental care

If you have been yearning for that million-dollar smile, but feel hesitant because of your yellowed teeth, then you are not alone. Countless people suffer from this problem and feel embarrassed to smile. But you can restore a shining smile and white teeth that look fresh, clean, and attractive with the help of quick in-office teeth whitening in Greensboro. Teeth whitening treatments are administered by trained dental professionals. Under professional dental care, it will cause no harm to your natural enamel. The tooth whitening agent penetrates the surface of your teeth and removes the stains effectively. With in-office whitening treatment, … Continue reading

Patients ask, ‘Where in Greensboro, NC can I find a solution for tooth swelling or impacted wisdom teeth?’

Impacted Wisdom Teeth removal from dentist in Greensboro

Wisdom tooth extractions are one of the most commonly performed oral surgeries. The procedure may be done as a preventative measure or to address a problem. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause swelling and pain. The adjacent teeth may be damaged. For patients located near Greensboro, NC, Dr. Hatcher and the team at Triad Dentistry offer wisdom tooth extractions to protect the health and wellbeing of the oral cavity. Why do we have wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars we get. For most people, they appear in early adulthood between the ages of 18 and 25. … Continue reading

Parents seek children’s dentistry services in a fun, kid-friendly environment

dentistry services in a fun, kid-friendly environment from dental practice in greensboro

Change can be difficult. Therefore, it is important for many parents to find a dental office with a fun, kid-friendly environment that their children can grow with throughout the years. As they become teenagers and even young adults, they can count on a caring and gentle dental team in Greensboro. Dr. Sona Isharani is a board certified pediatric dentist who loves seeing children and helping families maintain optimal oral health. Her husband, Dr. Steven Hatcher, also enjoys seeing patients of all ages at our practice. Children’s dentistry is among the many services our dentists offer. Once dental appointments are scheduled, … Continue reading

The best Greensboro pediatricians agree that mouth guards are important for young athletes

Dentist in greensboro recommends using mouth guards for young athletes

Mouth guards are worn by professional athletes, and they should be worn by children, teens, and adults who engage in the occasional game of basketball or baseball. Children who practice martial arts, surf, or ride horses also need protective gear in the event of a hit or fall. A mouth guard may be purchased at a sporting goods store. Here, parents will find pre-formed or “boil and bite,” mouth guards which can give the illusion of a better fit. There are also customized mouth guards that are designed in the dental office. For a child to have the best protection, … Continue reading

Pediatric dentists in Greensboro discuss the importance of quality children’s dentistry

Dr. Steven Hatcher at Steven L. Hatcher, DDS, PA and Dr. Sona J. Isharani, DDS Providing Pediatric Dentistry Treatment

Many parents in the Greensboro area want their children to visit pediatric dentists they know and trust. Who better than the practice that already cares for their smiles? Drs. Steven L. Hatcher and Sona J. Isharani are dentists who assist entire families in achieving beautiful, healthy smiles. Our professionals work with patients of all ages. We help families with general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry treatments. Dr. Sona J. Isharani is a board certified pediatric dentist who is dedicated to helping children in building the foundation for a lifetime of beautiful smiles! This can be done with standard general dentistry services … Continue reading

Greensboro, NC area cosmetic dentistry practice offers wide variety of services for health and beauty of the smile

cosmetic dentistry services from Dentist in greensboro, nc

t the practice of Drs. Steven L. Hatcher and Sona J. Isharani, patients of all ages can receive optimum dental care. Whether they want to improve the aesthetics of their smiles or the overall health, our team is here to help. We have a wide selection of services which include the following: Veneers Veneers are a great way for patients to disguise imperfections on the anterior teeth and they can last many years with proper care. Root Canals Sometimes, infection inside of a tooth may require root canal therapy. This is a treatment that is done with proper anesthetics and … Continue reading

Greensboro area dentists can provide care for any dental emergency

Dr. Steven Hatcher at Steven L. Hatcher, DDS, PA and Dr. Sona J. Isharani, DDS Providing Dental Emergency Treatment

When a dental emergency occurs, seeking quality care and attention is the first step for patients in and around the area of Greensboro, NC. Drs. Steven Hatcher and Sona Isharani are committed to helping patients in the community with the treatment of unexpected problems. There are several types of dental emergencies that can occur. They include the repair of the smile when something has gone wrong, for the best results and optimum comfort of the patient. Some common dental emergency situations which may be handled at the practice of Drs. Steven Hatcher and Sona Isharani include: Teeth that are knocked … Continue reading

When Greensboro area patients may require extraction of a natural tooth

tooth extraction from dentist in greensboro

There are many situations that can occur for Greensboro area patients during which an extraction of a natural tooth may be recommended. It is important for patients to understand that removal of a tooth is only done when absolutely necessary. For example, if patients are experiencing a toothache due to the infection of a natural tooth’s dental pulp, they do have another option. A root canal, or “endodontic therapy,” may save the natural tooth. However, sometimes extraction is ultimately required. The most common type of tooth extraction is the removal of wisdom teeth. These are the third molars that develop … Continue reading

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